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The Application Process is Simple

Our application process is run through the YouNoodle
platform and very easy to follow, here are the steps.

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Head to YouNoodle and create an account. The account email you provide will keep you updated on the application process.


Type in Awesome Business Competition, or go to YouNoodle-AWEsome Comp, and fill out the questionnaire.


Our team is available by email to help you with any application or YouNoodle questions.

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Summary of Prizes & Sponsors

The Awesome Business Competition process is meant to bolster your path as an entrepreneur regardless of winning. All teams will receive guidance in the form of talks and workshops.

All finalists will receive promotion and feedback. In addition, the following prizes will be awarded (this list may continue to grow up until the day of the final competition):

Grand Prize:

2nd Place:

3rd Place:

Remaining Finalists:

$ + Hours Of Paid Consulting  $  + Hours Of Paid Consulting $+ Hours Of Paid Consulting  In Kind And Other Prizes Including Up To 5 Hours Of Paid Consulting

Frequently Asked Questions

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